Welcome to Pippys Blocks


Hi and welcome to my store. I'm a UK seller and my philosophy is providing the very best service I can.  I am open and honest and easy to deal with. If you ever have any problems at all just talk to me, I'll always help.

I sell new Lego parts and also hold a large inventory of harder to find used parts. I always check and wash used Lego that needs cleaning.  I try my very best not to let anything too discolored or scratched to slip through.

My minimum order value is just GBP 5.00. 

I use plastic zip bags to keep items separate and jiffy bags (boxes for larger orders) to keep items safe in transit. Once payment is received via PayPal I will send items out either that day or the next day.

Your order will be dealt with as soon as possible when it comes in. I don't like to keep people waiting.

Note on Minifigures - most used minifigures are already assembled.  The majority of new minifigures will come unassembled.

Many thanks, Stu


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